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Ron Paul : Ron Paul: Environment issue is very important

Posted by Kevin on Thu. 12/13/2007
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Ron Paul: Environment issue is very important
While responding to a question on the environment (and dependence on foreign oil), Ron Paul says, "the environment is very, very, important…".
Ron, Paul, environment, foreign, oil, dependence, government, free, market, president, 2008
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Re: Ron Paul: Environment issue is very important
tdebli1 on Mon. 12/31/2007

This video isn't really contradicting the other video. In the other video Ron Paul thinks that Global Warming is overblown.

In this video, Ron Paul says that the environment is important in the sense that neighbors shouldn't be allowed to pollute other neighbor's property (air, land, water, etc).

These videos are apples and oranges...different topics. He says nothing in one video to refute the statements made in the other.

Him saying "the environment is important" does not mean that he thinks Global Warming is having a serious effect on the environment. Ron Paul thinks the Global Warming issue is overblown. Only a person who thinks that Global Warming is having a serious effect on the enviroment would think that these two videos are contradictory.

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