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Democrats Face Pressure to Unite

Posted on 3/11/2008 3:25:00 PM

The Democratic presidential nominations' fight-to-the-finish between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama may just be too much for the party to handle. Party head Howard Dean is worried that the tone of the campaign "may get nastier" and discussions would take place to try to prevent that happening. With the race so tight, debates are bound to get more biting.

To top it is the issue of possible re-elections in Florida and Michigan. The states have disregarded party rules by holding their primaries earlier than prescribed. Hence their delegates will be barred from attending the Democrats August national convention, which translates to the vetoing of their powers to elect the Democratic presidential candidate.

This may turn the results in Clinton's favour, who is currently trailing in the election race. The temporary respite after her 3-state win has not upset Obama's lead. Naturally, her supporters welcome this idea. Clinton's Communications Director, Howard Wolfson, affirmed, "Given the results of the primaries that were held there, we would feel good about our prospects in those states."

One factor in the way of re-elections in these two states is the funding required for the fresh primaries. Dean knows the importance of reserving a chunk of the funds for campaigning during the general elections.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has seconded this thought by appealing to the Democratic presidential rivals to sort their bickering or damage the party’s chances at the general elections. “I would encourage both of them, as I have, to remember we have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is the general election in November,” she advised.

"There is absolutely no question that I have concerns about the attacks that are being made on one candidate or another,” Pelosi told the luncheon gathering. “I do have concerns that the negativism can diminish our prospects for the general election."

Her remarks were sparked by Obama adviser Samantha Power's resignation from the campaign after she called Hillary “a monster” in an interview. Not to mention the angry reaction of Obama’s aides after Clinton's spokesman Howard Wolfson said Obama was “imitating Ken Starr” when he called for Hillary’s tax returns to be released.

Pelosi believed the barbs were getting too personal, and could dent Democrats’ chances in the Congress. "My responsibility as speaker is to make sure that I have a Democratic majority in the Congress of the United States," she declared.


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